St Wilfrid's RC Primary School

Care, Learn, Respect.

Year 5 - Mrs Preston and Miss McKenna

Easter Holidays 10/04/20-19/04/20


The pack of work that has been sent home, is for children who would like to do more than the daily piece of work that is uploaded on the school website.

Religious Easter Clipart ImagesHappy Easter Year 5!

Below is a letter for you and your parents. 

Thursday 9th April 2020 

Holy Week 

LC: To focus on the stations of the cross

Read the information, think about the stations of the cross, then choose one to draw and write about. Also, thinking about Easter Sunday, can you produce a piece of art to show Jesus' resurrection -when he rose again. 

Thursday 9th April 2020 

LC: To read and answer questions about a text  

Read the text then answer the questions in your literacy book.

Wednesday 8th April 2020

Holy Week

LC: To reflect on Lent

Read the scripture and write/draw a journal (be as creative as you like).

Wednesday 8th April 2020

LC: To identify and use relative clauses

Complete the following activities in your literacy book.

Tuesday 07/04/20

Holy Week

Read the scripture and watch the clip. Peter denies knowing Jesus. Answer the question in the back of your literacy book. 

Click here for the clip


Have a look at the PowerPoint about sentence openers. Then look at the octopus picture, answer the questions and write 6 sentences using different sentence openers (use the PowerPoint to help you).

Monday 06/04/20

Good morning! Everyday this week, there will be a piece of RE work here as well as your English work. This is Holy Week when we think about Jesus, what He did and the meaning of Easter. 

Holy Week 

Read the scripture, what do you wonder? Read the wonder section. Read the say section and think of your own prayer to Jesus at this time. What can you thank him for? What can you ask him for? Then click on  this link to watch the video.


Use the 'Grammar Hammer' answers to mark your work from Friday. Also, read the text, The Borrowers, then complete the activities. Remember a suffix is added to the end of a word. For example: happy + the suffix ness becomes happiness (sometimes the spelling is changed, here the y is dropped and an i is added).

Friday 03/04/20

LC: To use grammar knowledge

Complete the grammar hammer -answers on Monday. 

Then complete the activities about phrases and clauses. Where you have to tick a box, just write the sentence with the underlined part and write phrase/clause next to it.

Thursday 02/04/20

LC: To answer questions about a picture

Look at the picture and then answer the questions in your literacy book. Then complete the sentence challenge and write a story opener (the first paragraph) for this story. (see the pictures below)

Wednesday 01/04/20

LC: To answer VIPER questions about a text 

Read the text and answer the questions in your literacy book. 

Now read the slow writing sheet and choose 5 different types of sentence to write E.g. write a sentence which includes a relative clause. Your sentences can be about anything.

Tuesday 31/03/20

LC: To use expanded noun phrases in a piece of writing

Click here to watch the video about expanded noun phrases

1) Write 3 sentences to describe a setting, include expanded noun phrases.


2) Click here to watch the video

Now, write a short story from the point of view of the meerkat in your literacy book. 

Monday 30/03/20

Here are the grammar hammer answers for skills check 1: mark it then look below for the next activity.

LC: To understand a text 

Read the text about wolves and complete the activities. Write the answers in your literacy book. 

For 'Fill in the gap' write out the whole paragraph and fill in the missing words. 

For underline and highlight: write out the answer.

Friday 27/03/20

LC: To use grammar knowledge

Complete the grammar hammer -I will give you the answers on Monday so that you can mark it and give yourself a score. 

Then complete the reading comprehension in your literacy books. 

Thursday 26/03/20

LC: To identify and use different word classes

Read the table and complete the activities in your literacy book.

Reading comprehension: Read the text about saving water and answer the questions in your literacy book.

Wednesday 25/03/20

LC: To continue a story 

Look at the picture below and answer the questions in your literacy book. Then, read the story starter and continue the story in your literacy book. 

Tuesday 24/03/20

LC: To use direct speech

Click on this link and listen to the direct speech song

Read the text 'Peter Pan', then complete the text, word and sentence work in your books. 

Reading Comprehension: Read the text and answer the questions.


Monday 23/03/20

LC: To convert nouns or adjectives into verbs

Good morning! Look at the sheet below, read about changing nouns and adjectives into verbs and complete the task in your exercise book. (Focus only on the first page).


Reading Comprehension: Read the text below and answer the questions about it (only the questions on the second page).

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