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Year 1 - Ms Parkinson, Mrs Hudson and Ms Armstrong


Each day new work will be added to the class page. The work is to be completed in the exercise book that was sent home. Thank you. 

The pack of work that has been sent home, is for children who would like to do more than the daily piece of work that is uploaded on the school website.

Oxford Reading Tree Books - Sign up for free and continue reading school books.  Your should be able to search for books that are the correct colour band - children should know their colour band they were reading. 

The website, BBC Bitesize have introduced daily lessons and activities for each year group. It is a useful resource for those of you who want to complete extra activities. It can be accessed at

Half term

Literacy activities

Friday, 22. 05. 20.

L.C. Reading Comprehension

Don't forget to use the link above to find reading books to enjoy in your half term break.

We hope you have a lovely half term holiday.

Thursday, 21. 05. 20

L.C. Write full sentence answers to questions.

Wednesday, 20.05.20.

L.C. Write questions to interview a monster.

Tuesday, 19. 05. 20.

L.C. Write sentences to describe a monster.

Monday, 18. 05. 20.

L.C. Check sentences.

Friday, 15. 05.20.

L.C. Label a picture.

I would like you to start by trying the word search on page 10.

Your challenge is to draw a spring picture. Could you include everything mentioned in the word search?

Once your picture is finished, you can label it using the word bank. Take care with spellings.

You could write a short sentence underneath about your picture. This is called a caption.

Have fun!


As an extra activity today or for the weekend, you might enjoy learning about baby animals and their names on page 6 and 7.

Thursday, 14. 05. 20.

L.C. Write an acrostic poem

Today I would like you to complete the activity on page 9.

Write a sentence about spring on each line. Make sure that your first word begins with the starting letter give ( use the word bank to help).

Try to make your sentences interesting. 

You could draw a picture to illustrate your poem.

Wednesday, 13. 05. 20.

L.C. Write sentences..

Today I would like you to complete the sentence activity on page 5 .

Try to make your sentences more interesting by including some adjectives(describing words).

Remember to Think/Write/Check each sentence.


Tuesday, 12. 05. 20.

L.C. Reading comprehension

Read the poem on page 2 then answer the questions on page 3

Complete the trash or treasure on page 8. Read the words and decide if they are real or fake words.

Monday, 11. 05. 20.

L.C. Write days of the week.

This week our theme is Spring!

Today I would like you to complete the activity on page 1. Test yourself. You should be able to remember the correct spellings for the days of the week after last week's practice.

You could try to grow your own seed ( apples and other fruit have seeds inside) in an old pot with a bit of soil. Remember it will need light and you will need to water it.


Thursday, 07. 05. 20.

L.C. Learn to spell the days of the week.

Wednesday, 06. 05. 20.

L.C. Write questions.

Tuesday, 05. 05. 20

L.C. Reading comprehension.

This Friday is a special holiday to mark 75 years since VE day.  Learn about VE day by reading the following text and answering the questions at the end. Remember to answer in full sentences.

Monday, 04. 05. 20.

L.C. Identify questions.

Friday, 01. 05. 20

L.C. Edit and improve our sentences.

Thursday, 30. 04. 20.

L.C. Describe a scene

Wednesday, 29. 04. 20

L.C. Extend sentences  using and or because.

Tuesday, 28. 04. 20.

L.C. Comprehension

Today you are answering questions based on a non fiction text. 

You could do some extra research and write another information box. You will need a sub title. Examples could be habitat ( where they live), other types of penguins or diet (what they eat).


Monday, 27. 04. 20

L.C. Check sentences.

Friday, 24. 04. 20

L.C. Create a fact file.

Today you will be completing your fact file.

Remember to include labelled pictures.

You could include an extra section about all the people who would live in a castle, their jobs, their hobbies and what they would eat. The subtitle could be Daily Life.

Thursday, 23. 04. 20

L.C. Create a fact file

Today and tomorrow you will be creating your own fact file about castles.

You can use the facts you have learned so far this week. The fact file below also has some interesting facts. You could also do your own research with a grown up helper. A useful website is

Look at the example below to see how to lay out your work. You can print the template if you have a printer or you can  make your own in your book. Just divide your page into sections with ruled lines.

You will need a main title- Castles

You will need subtitles- Features of a castle

                                           Famous Castles

                                           Fun Facts

Remember to leave space for pictures. Don't forget to add labels.

This is a big job so you have two days to work on it.

Have fun!

Wednesday, 22. 04. 20

L.C. Comprehension

Today we are looking at part 2 of our castle comprehension activity.

Read the text carefully and answer the questions below in full sentences, using your very best handwriting.

Tuesday, 21. 04. 20

L.C. Comprehension

Today and tomorrow , we will be reading and  learning about all the different parts of a castle. Carefully read the powerpoint about castles and use what you learn to answer the questions.

Monday, 20. 04. 20

L.C. Label the parts of a castle.

We are going to be looking at non fiction texts and learning about castles.

Non fiction texts are about facts. They are not made up like stories.

Today you are labelling the parts of a castle. You could print the pages if you have a printer or it might be more fun to draw and label your own castle picture. You can use these sheets to guide you.

You could research and find out what all these parts of a castle ( google castles for kids) were used for. This will help you with tomorrow's activity.


This week is Holy Week. We will be reflecting on the events of Holy Week in our literacy activities.

L.C. Make an Easter prayer card.

You will need a piece of paper or card.  ( Don't worry about the ribbon! If you have one, it will look nice but you can make the card without one). If you can't find paper, try looking in your kitchen for some cardboard ( cereal boxes are good) but ask a grown up!

Once you have made and decorated your card, write your own Easter prayer.

Remember the sacrifice that Jesus made to help us.

Remember to say thank you for the good  things we have.

Remember people who need extra help and comfort at this time. 


This week is Holy Week. We will be reflecting on the events of Holy Week in our literacy activities.

L.C. Read the Easter Story.  Complete the timeline activity.

Yesterday we reflected on the events of Palm Sunday. Today we are looking at the events of the rest of Holy Week, leading up to Easter Sunday.

This week is Holy Week. We will be reflecting on the events of Holy Week in our literacy activities.

Next Sunday will be Easter Sunday. Last Sunday was Palm Sunday. Today we are looking at the events of Palm Sunday.

Tuesday, 07. 04. 20.

L.C. Read about the events of Palm Sunday and answer questions.


Monday, 06. 04. 20

L.C. Write a fairy tale.

Friday 03. 04. 20.

Start to write your own fairy tale.

Thursday, 02. 04. 20

L.C. Plan a story.

Wednesday, 01.04.20

L.C. Start to plan a story.

Tuesday, 31.03.20.

Read and understand a text

Monday, 30. 03. 20

L.C. Check sentences.

Friday, 27.03.20

L.C. Edit and improve our writing.

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Thursday, 26/03/20

L.C. Describe a scene.

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Wednesday, 25/03/20

L.C. Read a text and answer questions.

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Tuesday 24/03/20

Learning Challenge: Can you extend the sentences, using 'and' and 'because'?

Monday 23/03/20

Literacy Learning Challenge: Can you use a full stop and a capital letter correctly? 

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