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Year 1 - Ms Parkinson, Mrs Hudson and Ms Armstrong


Each day new work will be added to the class page. The work is to be completed in the exercise book that was sent home. Thank you. 

The pack of work that has been sent home, is for children who would like to do more than the daily piece of work that is uploaded on the school website.

The website, BBC Bitesize have introduced daily lessons and activities for each year group. It is a useful resource for those of you who want to complete extra activities. It can be accessed at

Half term

Maths Activities

Friday, 22. 05. 20

L.C. Use maths skills to solve a mystery

Today you can have fun using your maths skills to solve a mystery.

We hope you have a lovely half term holiday!

Thursday, 21. 05. 20.

L.C. Count in 2s, 5s and 10s

Wednesday, 20. 05. 20

L.C. Revise counting in 5s

Tuesday, 18. 05. 20.

L.C. Revise counting in 2s

Monday, 18. 05. 20.

L.C. Count backwards, bridging tens.

Friday, 15. 05. 20

L.C. Revise fractions and solve word problems.

Today, there is a starter fraction stained glass activity. You can talk through your answers with a grown up if you don't have a printer. You could even try  drawing them out if  you would like.

The main activity is to solve word problems. The challenge is very tricky today.

Three quarters means 3 out of 4 equal slices. 


Thursday, 14. 05. 20.

L.C. Find half and quarter of a quantity

We know now how to find a half and a quarter of a number.

Today you will need to count the objects and decide how many you need to circle ( you can talk through your answer with a grown up).

Remember to count carefully and double check.

Remember a quarter is half of a half.

There are lots of examples. Some of you might like to do them all but all of you should try at least 6.

Wednesday, 13. 05. 20.

L.C. Find a quarter of a number.

Tuesday, 12. 05. 20.

L.C. .Identify Halves and quarters 

You don't need to print this page. You can talk through your answers with a grown up.

Monday, 11. 05. 20.

L.C. Revise fractions of shapes.

We have practised dividing shapes into halves and quarters in class.

A half means that you have 1 out of 2 slices.

A quarter means that you have 1 out of 4 slices.

Two quarters means that you have 2 out of 4 slices ( you have half).

Three quarters means that you have 3 out of 4 slices.

If you cut something into halves and you have 2 slices, you have the whole thing.

If you cut something into quarters and you have 4 slices, you have the whole thing.

Remember the slices always need to be the same size.


Today, I would like you to read through the power point  then to complete the activity sheet. Lots of you will not have a printer so you can talk through the sheet, deciding how many slices you would need to colour in in each example.

Thursday, 07. 05. 20.

L.C. Revise methods of subtraction.

Wednesday, 06. 05. 20.

L.C. Revise methods of addition

Tuesday, 05. 05. 20

L.C. Learn the months of the year.

Months of the Year- question sheet 2

You don't need to answer these questions in your book but you could read the questions and discuss the answers with an adult as an extra activity.

Monday, 04. 05. 20.

L.C. Learn to order the days of the week

Use the first sheet to practise writing the days in order ( you don't need to cut and stick them). Make sure that you pay attention to spellings.

Use the second activity sheet to test yourself. Can you identify yesterday and tomorrow for each day of the week?

Friday, 01. 05. 20.

L.C. Solve word problems- doubling and halving.

Think carefully. Will your answer be a smaller or larger number? Decide if you need to double or halve the number.

Thursday, 30. 04. 20.

L.C. Halving

Wednesday, 29. 04. 20

L.C. Doubling tens.

Tuesday, 28. 04. 20.

L.C. Revise doubles

We have already worked with doubles and halves in class.

It is helpful to remember your doubles to 20 so challenge yourself. Do you just know the answer?

If you don't remember the double, you can use this sheet in two ways. To double 5, hold the number 5 in your head then use the dots to count on 5 more (6, 7, 8, 9, 10). Double 5 is 10.  

If you can print the sheet, you could draw in the missing dots but you should still be holding the number to be doubled in your head and counting on.

Try to learn all your doubles to 20 today as it will really help with the rest of this week's activities.

Monday, 27. 04. 20

L.C. Find missing values

Remember = means equal ( the same as).

You could use your bag of counting objects to help with this activity..

Friday, 24. 04. 20

L.C. Calculating change from a pound

Thursday, 23. 04. 20

L.C. Solve word problems. Adding and subtracting 10s

Today you will be using your skills to solve real life problems.

You will be adding and subtracting 10s.

Remember the special name for a number that is made of 10s and no 1s is a multiple of 10. A multiple of 10 is just 10s!.

Look out for clue words.  Total and altogether usually mean that you have to add.

                                              How many more usually means that you have to subtract.

Wednesday, 22. 04. 20

L.C. Use number bonds to 10 to add and subtract to 100

Tuesday, 21. 04. 20

Add and subtract tens

Monday, 20. 04. 20.

L.C.  Add and subtract tens.

Thursday, 09. 04. 20.

L.C. Beanbag Investigation- Day 3. Top level investigator!

 Wednesday, 08. 04. 20

L.C. Beanbag investigation - day 2

Tuesday 07. 04. 20.

L.C. Beanbag Investigation-  Day 1

Monday, 06. 04. 20

Subtracting a single digit number. Understanding and explaining methods.

Friday, 03. 04. 20.

Count groups of 5

Thursday, 02. 04. 20.

L.C. Count  groups of 5..

01. 04. 20

L.C. Count forwards and backwards in 5s..

31. 03. 20

L.C.  Count in 5s

Monday, 30. 03. 20

L.C. Addition -  Understanding and explaining methods.

Friday, 27.03.20

L.C. Solve word problems.

 27. 03. 20 word problems.odtDownload
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Thursday, 26/03/20

L.C. Use and describe number bond patterns..

 maths number bonds.docxDownload
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Wednesday, 25/03/2020

L.C. Practise number bonds to 20

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Tuesday 24/03/20

Learning Challenge: To complete the equations

Monday 23/03/20

Learning Challenge: Can you count in 2s?

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