St Wilfrid's RC Primary School

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Welcome to Nursery!

Ms Hulin and Ms Rabbitt

This half term our topic is Traditional Tales. Some of the tales which will inspire our learning are:

The Three Little Pigs
The Little Red Hen
Three Billy Goats Gruff
Goldilocks and The Three Bears


 Please take some time to read these tales at home with your child too. The more familiar they are with these tales the better. The best way to share these tales with your child is to read them the books. However, if you do not have copies of them at home, you can watch them on the link below.


                 The below information explains how we will be teaching the Early Years Foundation Stage's                     seven areas of learning:

• Communication and Language

Allocated time to verbally share their Weekend News 

Circle Games focusing on their listening and attention 

Practising their use of prepositions (under, on top, behind, in front)

Encouraged to speak in full sentences

Children’s choice story of the day


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Support with building self-confidence 

Teaching of rules, routines and behaviour expectations

Lessons on naming and understanding their feelings 

Philosophy 4 Children 


• Literacy

Learning simplified versions of the traditional tales off by heart (using story maps)

Daily Nursery Rhyme Time

Daily Phase One Phonics (focusing on rhyming, alliteration and oral blending and segmenting)

Writing their name 

Hearing and writing the initial sounds in words


• Mathematics

Counting forwards and backwards to 10/20

Counting out objects to 10/20

Recognising numerals to 10

Recognising and naming 2D and some 3D shapes

Language of measurement – long/short, full/empty


Understanding the World

Learning about our responsibility to look after the environment 

Celebrating Earth Day

Learning factual information about the animals they come across in the traditional tales (pigs, hens, goats, wolves, bears)

Seasonal Changes (Signs of Spring) 

Exploring technology – iPads and Bee-Bots


• Expressive Arts and Design

Music lessons with Ms Osler

Daily singing Traditional Tales related crafts

Drawing skills

Painting skills and colour mixing

Construction and imaginative small-world play

Role-play opportunities 

Here are some photos of your children’s learning in action…

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