St Wilfrid's RC Primary School

Care, Learn, Respect.

Welcome to Year 6

Mrs McCloskey, Miss Edwards and Mrs Stanley

Skills builder - skills we are working on improving throughout the year.


Skills Builder  Skills Builder  Skills Builder  Skills Builder  Skills Builder


Maths and SPAG homework given out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  (Allowing two days to complete.)

Spellings given out each Friday to be tested the following Thursday.


Useful Websites

Maths Frame Times Tables Challenge -

ICT Maths Games -

BBC Maths Games -

Topmarks Maths -

Hit the Button -


Useful Websites

ICT Literacy Games -

BBC Bitesize English  -

Literacy Shed -


Useful Website

BBC Bitesize Science -


Useful Website

BBC Bitesize Computing -


Useful Website

BBC Bitesize Spanish -


We took part in Trikidz where we practised swimming, cycling and running. We all loved looking after our physical wellbeing. 

Year 6 International Display - The South America


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