St Wilfrid's RC Primary School

Care, Learn, Respect.

Our Mission, Our Aims


Our school is a Catholic Christian environment inspired by, and rooted in, the values of the Gospel, where everyone is encouraged to grow in faith and moral responsibility.

Our school strives to be a place where everyone, through hard work and service to others, can reach their full potential and be formed for their eternal destiny. 

Our Ethos

  • As a Catholic school we aim to develop the full potential of each unique individual in the light of the teaching of Christ and the Gospels.
  • To provide effective, professional teaching within a loving Catholic Christian environment; and to use praise, encouragement and forgiveness as motivating factors in our school life.
  • To provide a safe and healthy environment for children and adults.

Teaching and Learning

  • We aim to develop a range of skills, concepts and attitudes relevant to children now and in the future; and to enable children to communicate well in spoken and written means in a digital age.
  • To provide a creative broad curriculum and to deliver the aims of the Every Child Matters principles: to be healthy; to stay safe; to enjoy and achieve; to make a positive contribution; and achieve economic well-being.
  • To address and develop children’s individual needs, abilities and aptitudes.
  • For children to collaborate well with others, and be able to develop good teamwork and people-skills.

Our Pupils

  • We aim for our pupils to develop enquiring minds, become inventive thinkers and to be able to express a love of the creative arts.
  • To provide opportunities for personal success and to give equal opportunities for it.
  • To develop self discipline, self respect and respect for others; and to foster an atmosphere of co-operation, concern and tolerance throughout the school. 
  • To prepare each child for later education and for adult life.

Our Community

  • We aim for the school to work in partnership with children’s families, our parish and our local communities.
  • To ensure that the school complies with all statutory requirements.

Awards & Partners